jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

Some tests


Are you conservative or liberal?

        You are a young conservative.

Young conservatives are typically a little more flexible than the older ones, more understanding of youth culture, and more concerned about social issues.   
        Find out where you fit in.   



Are you addicted to Facebook?

        Your Facebook addiction level is low (2.5 / 10).

You're keeping your distance from Facebook... either that, or you're in denial.

The scope of your addiction - how much it's a part of your life - is low (3.4 / 10). The depth of your addiction - how much presence you have on Facebook - is very low (1.5 / 10).

The average score is currently 3.2 / 10, and your score is higher than 30% of other test-takers.   
        Are YOU a Facebook addict?   

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